First Time Buyer Program

3 Things to Know as a First-Time Car Buyer
1. You Only Need to Deposit $500
Instead of being required to make a hefty down payment, Sunset Cars of Auburn only requires first-time customers to put down $500. This makes obtaining your vehicle incredibly affordable and means you won’t need to spend months saving before you can buy something. Better still, you won’t need to demonstrate a lengthy employment history: You’ll qualify even if you’ve only been at your new job for six months.
2. They Offer Low Interest Rates
Frequently, high interest rates actually deter customers from buying another vehicle at a car dealership. These significantly increase the amount of money it costs to buy an automobile. With this in mind, Sunset Cars of Auburn offers low, affordable interest rates that you’ll easily be able to meet, so purchasing the vehicle you need doesn’t cost a fortune.
3. The Monthly Payments Are Low
Similarly, this car dealership is aware that many buyers can’t afford high monthly payments, and they don’t think you should have to break the bank just to be able to drive yourself back and forth to work. That’s why they offer affordable monthly fees on any new purchase. They respect the fact that you have other expenses and want to make sure you can pay for the car.
Ready to buy your first vehicle? Auburn’s best car dealership is committed to making that happen. Take advantage of their first-time buyer’s program, and stop by Sunset Cars of Auburn today. Their friendly professionals will work with you to help you find the right car and ensure you can truly afford to buy it. To learn more, call them today at (253) 735-2011 or visit them online.